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Brother Printer is a world-renowned brand applauded for offering avant-garde printers with unmatched performance, robust functionality, award-winning features and highly competitive prices. These amazingly versatile printers serve best for business, home and other purposes. This Japanese brand leads the industry with its incredible blend of technological innovation and customer satisfaction. However, these sophisticated pieces of technological brilliance are prone to technical glitches which may cripple your experience. One of the most frequent and common issues encountered by users is Brother Printer Offline. This is quite a frustrating problem as your connected and fully functional printers stop performing without any warning. Although users find everything in place. Yet their printer status states Brother Printer Offline without any appearance of fault.

What Does Brother Printer Offline Mean?

In order to understand what exactly Brother Printer Offline means, you must first get a brief idea of how a printer works. Brother printer is an ultimate technological genius that combines cutting-edge innovation and unmatched performance. It is robust yet sensitive. However, just like any other printer, it cannot work on its own. Brother printer is devised to read and transmit from the computer’s hard drive to perform the print function. It does not have an inbuilt hard-drive. Besides, it requires a medium to view your document stored on your computer’s hard drive in order to perform. 

In other words, it requires a channel to communicate with the computer to read and transmit data/ text from the hard-drive. To put it differently, your network connection is the required means of communication that acts as a bridge between the two devices. It transmits the document to be printed while the printer reads and print it. At times, this connection is through a hard-line ethernet cable. However, most of the recent models allow for WiFi connection.

However, this world-class performance of Brother printer is interrupted in case if it fails to communicate with the computer. Whenever there is any issue in the connection between the two devices. Then, the printer will not execute the computer’s “Print” command. At the same time, your computer will display a Brother Printer Offline message. In short, there is no communication between the two. 

In short, when you get the Brother Printer Offline issue, it simply means that the computer is not able to communicate with the printer. As such, the printer stops printing and its status message keep saying Brother Printer Offline.

Reasons For

Brother Printer Offline

Brother Printer Offline is an extremely common and recurrent issue that occurs on account of multiple reasons. Some of the most prominent causes are listed below

Connectivity is one of the major reasons that affect the functioning of your printer. This may be on account of the following factors

  1. Your internet network is faulty with low signal strength and interrupted i.e. low/ unresponsive connection.
  2. Your computer and printer are connected to different networks.
  3. The USB cable connecting the computer and printer is loose or improperly plugged in.
  4. The Ethernet cables are loose.

Another reason that hampers your experience with the Brother printer is jammed paper. In other words, the printing paper gets stuck in the printer which halts the printing process. As a result, you get the Brother Printer Offline problem. This can happen due to the following problems.

  1. Paper is fed incorrectly in the printer’s paper tray. This includes folded or frayed paper, misaligned sheets, overloaded tray etc.
  2. Additionally, it can be due to Damaged Rollers.
  3. Besides that, using low-quality paper or anything other than the specified one can create serious issues. It can also damage your printer permanently.
  4. Apart from this, low-quality cartridges can also lead to jammed paper.

Faulty, dysfunctional or obsolete hardware is another reason that leads to the Brother Printer Offline issue. This includes problems with the printer, connecting cables, switches, computer etc.

Whenever you give multiple Print commands from your computer before the printer actually executes the function. Then, your Print commands stand in queue and the function is executed as per the list. However, at times this process may get unresponsive for various reasons. This interrupts the Printer’s operations and you get the Brother Printer Offline issue.

Brother Printer Offline

Quick Fixes For Brother Printer Offline

Most of the times, Brother Printer Offline issue can be fixed simply by correcting some minor glitches. These precautions can solve your process even before pursuing the troubleshooting process.

Replace Faulty/ Obsolete Hardware

First of all, you must ensure that your printer’s hardware and drivers are in proper health and up-to-date. In case of any issue with them, simply replace or upgrade them.

Restore USB Connection

The USB cable connecting the printer and the computer must be in perfect condition.

  • It must be “plugged in” accurately to both the devices. In other words, it must be plugged into proper ports. However, in case of any deviation from the standard, restore it back.
  • In case if it is loose, unplug the cable and plug it back.
  • However, in case if the cable is damaged. Then, replace it with another properly functioning cable.
  • Besides that, try plugging in the cable to another USB port of the computer.

Reboot Your Computer

Most of the times, simple steps like rebooting your computer can solve a lot of technical issues. As such, it can help with the Brother Printer Offline issue as well. Hence, completely shut down your computer. Then, switch it on again. This can resolve connectivity issues and other problems on account of third party software like antivirus etc.

Fix Paper Jamming

First of all, carefully remove all the sheets stuck in the printer’s paper path. For this, follow the given procedure.

  1. Turn off the printer.
  2. Open all doors or Remove segments leading to the paper path.
  3. Carefully and slowly pull out all paper scraps from the printer’s machinery.
  4. Accurately, close back all the doors and segments to restore the printer body.
  5. At last, switch on the printer.

Troubleshoot Brother Printer Offline

Brother Printer Offline indicates that your printer is encountering difficulty in communicating with the computer. As such, in order to restore your printer, you should resolve issues that are hindering the communication process. You can follow below-mentioned guidelines for the same. Before that, ensure that the printer is switched on and properly connected to the computer.

Reinstall Printer Drivers

  1. First of all, access “Control Panel” on your computer. 
  2. Then, click on “Devices and Printers”.
  3. Now, locate your Brother printer.
  4. Then, right-click on it and select “Remove Device”.
  5. When prompted to confirm, click on “Yes”. 
  6. Next, go to the official website of Brother Printers. Then, download the correct printer Drivers.
  7. Following that, you should open the downloaded file. Then, follow on-screen instructions to Install the Drivers.
  8. Finally, “Restart” your computer.

Set Your Brother Machine As A Default Printer

For this, you should open the Printer’s Folder. Then, ensure your Brother printer icon has a checkmark on it. Alternatively, proceed to set it as a default printer as specified below.

  1. First of all, open “Control Panel” on your computer.
  2. Click on “Hardware and Sound”.
  3. Tab on “Devices and Printer”.
  4. Right-click on the icon of your Brother Printer.
  5. Select the “Select As Default Printer” option from the expanded menu box.

Modify Printer Properties

  1. First of all, access “Control Panel” on your computer. 
  2. Then, click on “Devices and Printers”.
  3. Now, right-click on your printer icon.
  4. Next, choose “Printer Properties” from the menu.
  5.  Thereafter, go to the “Ports” tab. Then, select your printer’s IP address from the list.
  6. Subsequently, click on the “Configure Port” button.
  7. Now, uncheck “SNMP Status Enabled” option.
  8. Finally, click on “OK”.

Change Printer Settings

  1. First and foremost, open Control Panel on your computer. For this, click on “Start” located at the bottom left-hand corner of your screen. Then, click on “Control panel”. 
  2. Next, click on “Devices and Printers”.
  3. Now, right-click on your default Brother printer.
  4. Then, select “See What’s Printing” from the expanded menu to open the Print Queue window. 
  5. Thereafter, look for any unfinished Print Job listed in this window. 
  6. Subsequently, remove all the unfinished Print Jobs. For this, right-click the job and select “Remove”.
  7. Now, select the “Printer” section of the Print Queue window to open a menu box. 
  8. After that, look for the “Use Printer Offline” option. Deselect this option in case if it is selected. However, in case if it is already turned off. Then, check the option and leave it for a few seconds. Thereafter, uncheck it again to restore the settings.

Restart The Print Spooler Service

Print Spooler is a dedicated software application that controls the paper printing jobs sent out from your computer to the printer. It regulates the Print Queue function of the device. In other words, it facilitates assigning multiple print jobs without compromising printer’s performance. 

  1. First of all, press “Windows + R” on your keyboard to open the “Run” window.
  2. Now, type in “services.msc”. 
  3. Thereafter, press the “Enter” key or click on “OK”.
  4. Consequently, you will get the Services window. 
  5. Next, you should locate the Print Spooler service on the Services window.
  6. Then, right-click on it and select “Restart” from the menu.

Update Your Computer’s OS 

Usually, your Operating System automatically updates in the background. However, at times, your system fails to do so, creating a backlog of updates. This can lead to connectivity issues. Hence, it requires you to manually update your OS. 

  1. First and foremost, press “Windows Key + I” on your keyboard. 
  2. Consequently, it will open the “Settings App”.
  3. Now, go to the “Update and Security’ section.
  4. Then, click on “Check For Updates” tab.
  5. As a result, it will detect all the available updates.
  6. Thereafter, it will automatically Download and Install the updates. 
  7. However, in case if it doesn’t Install updates automatically. Then, you should Install them Manually by following the on-screen instructions.
  8. At last, “Restart” your computer.

Disable VPN Connection

Brother Printer Offline error can also occur in case if you are using a VPN connection to connect with a network printer. 


  1. As such, you should disconnect from the VPN connection. Thereafter, restart your computer and once again try to access your printer. 
  2. However, in case if you wish to use the VPN connection. Then, you should directly connect your printer to the computer by means of a USB cable.
  3. Alternatively, modify your VPN configurations to grant your printer with Local Network Access.

The above set of solutions should be able to assist you in resolving the Brother Printer Offline trouble. However, in case if you still continue to face the issue. Then, you should immediately seek expert technical assistance. This is because Brother Printer Offline issue can cause irreversible damage to your printer. 

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